Who is Cory Curry?


It seems as though you have stumbled upon The Blue Quill.


My name is Cory Curry.

(Yes, I did in fact choose to take my husband’s name on our wedding day, hence leaving me with a very “memorable” name until death do us part.)

This is my family, we are affectionately known as The Curry 5.


family picture


 My husband is my Prince Charming and a daily reminder for me that God is still in the miracle working business. My 3 kids are the most spontaneous, creative, genuinely kind, gifted and communicative human beings that I have ever known. (I hear your thoughts…”every mom says that.” Perhaps, but for the record I’m right and my kids are amazing!)

I am blessed beyond measure that you have stopped by The Blue Quill for a bit of inspiration. Allowing someone, whom you’ve possibly never met, to speak in to your life through the written word is an incredible honor and one that I do not take lightly. Thank you.

Still you may have questions…

Who is this woman hiding behind 3 kids and a computer screen?

I am Christian.

I am wife.

I am mom.

I am pastor.

I am friend.

I am daughter.

I am teacher.

I am sister.

I am writer.

I am mentor.

I am dancer.

I am homeschooler. (Crazy, right?!?)

I am lover.

I am worshiper.

I am all of these things and more. Some would say I am, “A wearer of many hats” or “A Jane of all trades, master of none.”

Maybe they are right.

At one point, a few years ago, I sought council for how to juggle all of these “trades” without loosing my true self in the process.

The advice came.

I was to spin the big wheel of life and wherever the arrow pointed  – be that…only that person in only that moment.

If my arrow pointed to “mom” I was to BE mom and let go of everything else.

If the arrow pointed to “wife” I was to BE wife and let go of everything else.

This idea worked for about the amount of time it takes to make one’s bed. By the end of the month I was a weepy mess of a woman on the floor of failure. A nervous breakdown was surely knocking on my front door.

Explain to me: how is one supposed to be a mom without also being a teacher?

Or how is a woman to be a daughter without also being a friend?

And for the love of all that is caffeinated  – how is one expected to be a Pastors wife without simultaneously being a wife and EVERYTHING else at the same time?


I just couldn’t do it. Compartmentalizing was not an option.

As a result, today you will find me without a spinning wheel or an arrow: without hats and without specialized trades.

Instead, I have chosen the simple complex lifestyle of just being me.



 Welcome to my journey.









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