{Taken from my private journal pages written in 2012.}


By far my favorite part of the day – any day – is when …




The walls seem to shake and the ceiling fan tries not to find it’s way to the floor as it slightly sways above my head.


The boy-ninja is awake. And quietly rolling out of bed has never been his style.


The four-year old waddles down the stairs with eyes blinking slow (as if to somehow refocus the world around him.) He scans the room for one thing. It’s the same one-thing that he looks for every morning.


Sometimes it’s in the kitchen, the courtyard or on the couch, no matter where it might be hiding he searches for his constant morning fix. It’s a ritual that won’t soon be broken and the day can’t rightly begin without it.


His pace stops.


Paused only for a moment to rub his eyes with the back of his hand.


Then… it’s found! A quick stride is made to the one-thing that always starts his morning.


Outstretched arms reach heavenward, eyes now fixed on the object of his search.


“Uppy, Mommy. Uppy.”


My heart turns to water every time.


It’s the same morning after morning. My youngest son starts his day with a desire for the same sustained embrace found only in my arms. So I swoop him up and draw him in.


(He has always been one for ‘real’ hugs anyway.)


I breathe in his sweet scent and he snuggles near enough to hear my heart.  Eternity stands still for 5 perfect minutes every morning.


Then it happened.


An invitation from The Lord.


Oh how different my mornings, my life, would be if I could just take five minutes every morning to – come close…real close.


If only I would simply posture myself with arms raised and heart calling, “Uppy, Daddy. Uppy.”



2 years later I can easily see where this idea of intentionally coming close to the Father’s heart has made all the difference in my daily Christian walk. It hasn’t been about making sure that I read my Bible every morning before the kids wake up or being sure to check off every name and item from my prayer list.




It has been a conscious inviting in and drawing close to my Papa God. It’s been about making a choice to receive His love every morning…and being aware of that love every minute of the day.


Time has taught me that most days I am a much better wife & joy-filled mommy when I begin my day by simply being a daughter. A God-daughter that takes time to adore her Father God, finding value and strength from His words alone.


How do you start your morning?


Is there an alarm followed by a hurried pace to run toward your day? Are there children crying for the attention? If you’re like me – coffee is most definitely involved in those fresh morning minutes.


If you find yourself wanting a little more of Him in your day and a lot less of you, I would like to encourage you to set a different pace for your morning. Begin by pulling on one of my favorite promises found in the Bible.


“Come near to God and He will come near to you.”

-James 4:8


It is as simple as lifting your hands heavenward, taking a deep breath of God’s love and whispering, “Uppy, Daddy. Uppy.”



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