What’s in a word?


Words. Words. Words.

It’s the beginning of another year and everyone is talking about “words”.


Not just any words…


…A word. YOUR word.


It has me thinking these past weeks.


What exactly is a word?


How much impact could one ‘word’ really have? I know that my literary friends live their lives by words…reading them, writing them, loving them, spelunking to the very depths of them to map them out and perhaps find treasure.


But what about the normal folks? Us non-introverted, anything but hipster, normal coffee drinking souls – what do words really amount to for the rest of us?


My iPhone tells me that a word is defined as ‘a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with space on either side when written or printed.’


Hmmmm…that sounds neat. And I’d like to have a “single distinct meaningful element” in my life, but can a single word really bring that to me?


My Bible tells me that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)


Ok, that sounds good too. In-depth, even. Clearing things right up for all of my theologian friends. (You’re welcome.) But again…What is a word? What can it mean for my life and yours in this coming year?


Here is what my heart tells me that a word is…it is a compass. A constant course keeper for one’s life. It can point you in the right direction from anywhere and at any time. A word is quiet and subtle, sometimes even forgotten until it is slowly drawn out from the dark coat pocket where it has been shoved. It most definitely is not a GPS barking directions and demanding an immediate u-turn if you’ve strayed off course.




A word is a personal North Star whispered to your heart from the other side of eternity. A sustained heartbeat: ever present in your chest that somehow miraculously tethers you to the very heart of Creator God.


How so? I’m not sure, exactly. I suppose that is why HE is God and I am not. I do, however, know this…


“Every WORD of God is flawless;

            He is a shield to those who

                        Take refuge in Him.”

                                    -Proverbs 30:5


So as we begin this new year, 2014, will you be asking God to give you a word?


I did.


No ceremony is require, no degree is needed, not even a dictionary need find its way to your hands. Simply take a deep breath and make some “space on either side” of your heart and allow God to insert a word, thought or idea into that wee-small void. I have come to find that one of His greatest desires truly is to…

shield those who

                                                                                                            Take refuge in Him.


My word for 2013 was Pray.


I thought that I knew how to pray and what prayer was until I began my journey last year. Throughout the year my “word” kept me sustained and safe in the Lord’s refuge. At the beginning of the year I was a little nervous but mostly bored with my word. (Is that too honest for a pastor to say?) But looking back over the year that was 2013 my heart bursts with gratitude for my word.


Here is a small glimpse at the year with my word.

Bored = pray.

Questions = pray.

Trials = pray.

Joy = pray.

Children  = pray. (Can I get an Amen!?!?!)

Thanksgiving  = pray.


My word truly sustained me and kept me on course for 2013. It compelled me to dive deeper into THE Word (the Bible and ultimate survival guide) and it propelled me to new heights and understanding in my spiritual journey with God.


The things that I learned about prayer in 2013 will stay with me for the duration of my journey in this life. In the coming weeks/months it is my desire to share some of those prayer treassures with you in hopes that it will begin to cultivate your heart the way that it has mine.


In the meantime, check out my blog about prayer rocks. It is an article that was written last year and is still a common way of prayer for our family.

And perhaps…pray. Take some time to ask God about your “word” and then jump with excitement in to 2014 knowing that it is going to be a very unexpected journey indeed.



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