The Sword


A dream God instructed me to write down…


My pounding heart throbbed in my ears. Blood coursed through my veins; burning.  I was running along a coastline with horror pounding in my heart. Something was chasing me! Fear for my children was my first conscious thought. I was panic-stricken for myself, but my main motivation to keep running was for the safety of my children.


Finally I could go no further. I stopped and turned around fully expecting to combat that which was chasing my children and me. As I turned there was a knowing that my children were still running for the safety that would be provided in the horizon, and it was now my responsibility to battle for their lives (and my own).


To my shock and terror I was only yards away from two of the most demonic creatures that I have ever seen. Never could I have imagined such vile and terrifying beasts. They howled, snarreled and taunted. Even just the crimson glow from their eyes was enough to bring my rhythmic heart to a standstill.


It was time. They were creeping closer as they mocked and snorted. I needed to begin to fight or my family would be lost. With fear gripping my voice I began to proclaim, “I am a child of the Living God. You have no authority to touch me. In the name of Jesus Christ stop and be silenced. In the name of Jesus I stand!”


What happened next still lingers with me. It brought shockwave of unbelief to my core. Instead of bursting into a million pieces or melting into a pile of ash like the wicked witch, they did something entirely different. The ghoulish creatures stopped charging and with only an instant of confusion on their faces they looked directly at me and began to laugh. And not jovial laughs brought on by an antic dote or punch line. They mocked! “Yeah. We know Jesus too. Is that all you have? You’re going to charge and fight us with that? A name?” the creatures taunted.


I was speechless! What was happening? I have always relied on the name of Jesus for protection. What did I do wrong? What should I do now? The questions and bewilderment came faster and faster. I was lost. And my arsenal had just been swept clean.


Then just as I was about ready to turn and run from the cohorts of death, a voice came. It was a calm voice, deep in tone but resounding with gentleness. The being stood directly behind me; close enough that I could feel its warmth and see a radiant light in my peripheral vision. It was an angel. And as far as I can tell, he was big.

He spoke over my shoulder as a teacher to his pupil.


“Use your sword.” he instructed.


WHAT! My mind was once again racing. “You’re here now. You fight them!” I anxiously suggested.


“You have to use your sword to fight these ones. Pick it up and begin to battle.” He calmly added.


Understanding that he meant I needed to use ‘The Sword of the Spirit – The Bible’ I open my mouth to respond.


“But I don’t know how to use this sword.” I whispered through my fear.


“Yes, you do. Pick it up and begin to use it.” Came the calm authoritative voice.


I looked down and already in my hand was a large, steal, double-edged sword. It was massive and strikingly beautiful. But my arm could not bring it to move.


“It’s too heavy!” I scream, now noticing that the evil ones were only feet away.


“You will learn as you use it. As you wield the sword it will become lighter. Now go!”

The angel states with a little more urgency in his voice.


So I begin to thrash the sword about without control or precision. In childlike manner I step towards my foes being tossed about by the steal weapon in my hands. And as I do so the Word of the Lord begins to come from my lips. Verses that I had committed to memory years earlier and verses that I merely heard once in church were now flowing out of my mouth with authority and strength.


The angel was right. It did get easier. As I continued to quote verses such as

“I am more than a conqueror…”


The sword became lighter and lighter. I became swift on my feet and direct in my movements. It didn’t take long before the monsters of destruction were gone! They were no longer a threat.


Still never having turned around to see my Angel, he spoke again, “The Word is your sword. You must know it and cherish it, for it alone is your weapon in battle.” And then he was gone and I awoke.

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